Menno Homes has evolved tremendously over these past 48 years, but the basic premise has never changed – that of providing residential m vocational supports to individuals with developmental challenges within the framework of a Christian philosophy and environment. Menno Homes has never wavered from its Christian roots and that is a testimonial to the strength of the Organization.

In the past 48 years, Menno Homes has gone from being a non-profit facility housing 43 individuals and providing residential and vocational supports, to being an organization which owns and/or manages nine separate group homes which offer residential programs and the various vocational and day programs that accommodate 70 plus individuals with varying levels of skills and abilities.

The original Menno Homes building, which was once the residential facility, now houses the main office, two vocational programs, and the Menno Homes Lounge which is used for participant and staff functions and in-house training and seminars.

Christian principles and values are very much at the forefront of the management of the eight residential programs and vocational programs. Individuals regularly attend the local churches for worship, fellowship and spiritual well-being. Daily devotions are a standard in every home, and Christian principles are taught and practiced in each home and vocational program.

Menno Homes is governed by a Board of Directors and administered by an Executive Director. The nine homes and various vocational programs are staffed by 100 plus team members  who live within the community and surrounding area. Funding is provided through the Provincial Ministry of Social Service.

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